Creating memories - Planning process 

Step 1

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After contacting the team at Mirepoix Gangster Kitchens via the book now button at the top of this page or emailing Chef Robert directly at  The planning will begin with learning about the guest list. We can accommodate parties of 2-8.  We want to know as much as you can tell us, so we can create a memorable dining experience. Everything is taken into consideration including likes and dislikes, allergies and aversions, seasonality and sustainability along with location. Mirepoix dinners are operated out of a home or a designated location of the host. The location needs to be able to accommodate the number of guests along with having a functional kitchen. The dinners are very detailed oriented and take two weeks of planning prior to the dinner date.      

Step 2

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Once all the information about the guests and location are gathered, Chef Robert and his team will create a personalized menu and dinning environment to accommodate all the guests needs. There are three options when it comes to the menu.

5 course = $75.00 per guest

8 course = $95.00 per guest

12 course = $125.00 per guest

All payments are made before the date of the dinner via TOCK. Along with the menu price, service charges are added to insure on the date of the experience you have nothing to worry about but enjoying your meal.    

step 3

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The day has arrived. On the day of the experience the Mirepoix Gangster Kitchens Team will arrive at the location 2 hours prior to the arrival of the guests, we will set up the kitchen as if it was a restaurant kitchen and finish last minute prep items to insure freshness.  we will also transform the dining environment into one that you will never forget. Once the experience has finished we take the time to put everything back leaving the space clean as if we were never there.